Frequently Asked Questions

Where is tea made?

Tea is produced around the world. Tea, either in the form of herbal materials or teas from the plant Camellia sinensis, can be found on virtually all the continents. Plantations of real tea are not only found in Asia and Africa, but also in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Latin America is well known for its herbal teas, such as yerba mate, which thanks to its caffeine and antioxidant content, is a very good substitute for coffee, just like real tea.

How many types of real tea are there?

There are countless types of tea. Each falls within one of the six basic categories of tea (white, yellow, green, oolong, black, fermented), which again contain many subcategories, and each subcategory contains hundreds of types, depending on the place it is grown and the time of harvest, the production process, quality and form of leaves. In addition to the standards that need to be maintained during the production of known types, plantations often take the liberty of creating new tea blends

Can tea be reheated?

Tea should never be reheated. If you prepare tea and then forget about it, it is better to put it in the fridge or add a cube of ice to it, to chill it completely. However, if your tea has been sitting for several hours, it is better just to pour it out and prepare a fresh batch, especially if this is green tea or white tea.