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Pharma Germania Supplier of Bulk Dried Herbs and Spices

Pharma Germania has been a supplier of bulk dried herbs and spices to the wholesale industry since 1988.  Most of our products are used for herbal teas.  We stock a large range of superior quality, mostly wild-crafted and conventional produced herbs. Our clients include alternative health practitioners, whole food stores, health food stores, herbal product manufacturers and home users.

Why would you buy your dried herbs, spices and other natural products from Pharma Germania?

We offer you more than 180 different herbs and spices from all over the world.  All of our products have a Certification of Analysis to make sure that we supply you with the highest quality at all times.  

In addition to our wide selection of herbs and spices we also offer a selection of loose leaf teas and herbal tea blends. These are mixed and imported from Germany and growers around the world.

Socrates said “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”


If you use herbs, do so responsibly, get as much information as possible. Consult your doctor or trained herbalist about your health conditions and use of herbal supplements.  These products are not intended to replace support and assistance of health practitioners. These products are not medicine in the general sense but supplements that aid the body to heal itself.  Herbs may be harmful if taken for the wrong conditions, used in excessive amounts, combined with prescription drugs or alcohol. Just because a herbal remedy is natural, it does not mean it is safe!

You should be clear that wellness is not simply the absence of disease or symptoms, but a positive state of mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well being.  Herbs are natural products – they are natural because the body can recognize them as a whole plant.

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